We believe that a strong network of peers teaching and uplifting each other has a profound impact on professional work, but also meaningful impact on personal happiness and the communities you serve. 

Government Social Media Organization

GSMO is a member network open to staff who manage social media for local, state, and federal government in the U.S. Members have access to a closed Facebook group, monthly webinars and other exclusive resources. Connect with counterparts in other agencies similar to yours!


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We believe that many challenges can be solved by making a connection with others who have been through that same obstacle. Many of your peers get together online every other Thursday for GSMCHAT - it's a chance to get advice and ideas from your peers who handle public sector social media all across the United States. 

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"I joined GSMO to learn from other government social media professionals... It's nice to have a community of welcoming professionals who know what you're going through in this niche business!"

Stephanie Long
City of Roanoke, VA

"I joined GSMO to collaborate with and learn from others in government who have a unique understanding of social media from this perspective. I look forward to honing skills I already have and expanding my social media tool box."

Rana Moye
Sarasota County Tax Collector, FL

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