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Questions you can expect on the GSMCON session proposal form

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The new proposal portal allows you to set a password so you can log back in to continue working on your submission. Here's a look at the questions we’ll ask in the online proposal form for GSMCON2022 sessions. 


About You

We’ll ask for your contact information and relevant social media handles, your bio and your headshot (high resolution in png or jpg format, preferably square).

Have you spoken publicly, taught a class, or hosted a workshop before? If so, where and on what topics?

You can optionally provide a link to any online video showcasing you speaking, such as on YouTube, Vimeo or embedded in a webpage – featuring a speaking clip or interview.  

You may also indicate if you’d like to propose a Co-Presenter, adding their contact information.


About your proposed session

We’ll ask you to select your desired audience experience level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). We're just learning your initial preference – your answer won't hurt your chances.

Proposed Session Title

Session Description

We’ll ask you to describe how your proposed session will benefit other government social media professionals across the nation and ultimately assist in the elevation of this profession.


We can't wait to see your proposals! Please contact us if you have any questions.


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Visitors by appointment only please.

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