Job: Web & Social Media Specialist

We're looking for someone to be the Yoda of our online presence in a very important role for our company.

Position Summary

The best way to describe this position is that you'll be part website guru, part social media expert. You'll be in charge of our online presence from the most technical aspect to the bigger picture. We're looking for a very experienced professional who wants to be an important part of the company you work for! Learn more about Government Social Media LLC.

Status: Full time, salaried, exempt
Pay Rate: $55k annual salary. This position has excellent growth potential. Raises are based on performance.
Office Location: 245 E. Liberty St., Reno, NV
Coolest Perk: You get to work from home every Wednesday. More perks are listed on this page above the How to Apply section.

What You'll Do Any Given Day

Here's a detailed rundown of what you might be working on in any given day.


Website Management
  • Create front-end webpages and landing pages (using CMS platforms such as WordPress, and drag & drop editors like Kajabi & Leadpages). Work closely with our designer to get support on graphics and branding. 
  • Manage websites including running plugin updates (WordPress), rolling out new features and managing domains and DNS (Cloudflare).
  • Manage email newsletter campaigns (currently MailChimp) by coordinating with our designer on email template layout, adding content, sending & evaluating
  • Troubleshoot when things go wrong. We list this high up in tasks, because every website admin knows a big part of their job involves figuring things out!
  • Post blog and webpage content and upload media 
  • Help us create online courses by figuring out the best way to present training content (videos, worksheets, checklists, etc.) online within gated sites
  • Create web forms (Airtable, Gravity Forms)
  • Manage SEO and run online and social media ads
  • Create and configure online surveys
  • Manage API integrations for online software (Zapier & more); Run server backups


Social Media Management

We eventually envision you working with content contributors who will help produce social media content. However, initially you'll be handling our web presence in addition to being the primary coordinator of social media. 

  • Be keenly aware of the bigger picture of how social media funnels into our online presence/landing pages/etc.
  • Create & curate social media content (text, pics, links, GIFs, stories)
  • Maintain social media content calendar and publish and schedule content you create (and content contributed by other staff) to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn

  • Assist in developing company social media strategies and campaigns.

  • Manage two Facebook Groups, including approving/declining access requests and posting content

  • Run bi-weekly Twitter chat (#GSMCHAT) and archive on website

  • Respond to posts, comments and DMs by people in our online community

  • Serve as the staff social media subject matter expert. Advise us on best practices to follow ourselves and incorporate into our training and more.

Qualifications & Skills

As we said, we're looking for a very experienced professional and this is NOT an entry level position. Here are some of the requirements for this role.

  • At least a Bachelor's degree in any related field
  • At least 5 years of professional work experience in web and/or social media roles. Whatever your background is, you must have solid website management experience.
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, web standards, responsive design, accessibility and plain language. PHP experience is a plus, because it helps with troubleshooting WordPress sites
  • Government or other public sector experience is a plus, but not required
  • Great written, interpersonal and team communication skills 
  • Excellent computer skills and ability to work via a MacBook Pro
  • Ability to work in our Reno, Nevada office from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and to get here on time. On Wednesdays, we work from home. 
  • Ability to travel for work when required, usually a couple times per year. You must be able to travel with us to our annual GSMCON event - the next event will be in Seattle, WA, the week of March 22-26, 2020. Our other major annual event you'll be a part of is S4SCON in Reno, Sept. 30-October 3, 2019. 

Personality & Who will Love this Job

Here's more about the type of person we think will feel at home with us. If these qualities speak to you, you just might be the person we're looking for! 

  • You might label yourself as an overachiever. You work hard because you like doing things right and you are confident in yourself. You enjoy learning new things and figuring out solutions. 
  • You believe that details matter. You agree that a few pixels, language choice, color palette, button placement, naming conventions and more can have a big impact on user experience - and you care.
  • You get our company, what we do, why we do it and how what we do has an impact on communities across America.
  • You're smart and you have a sense of great pride in your work. If you don't give a task your all, it just doesn't feel right.  
  • You have an impeccable level of friendly, positive customer service at all times. We're big on email etiquette here.
  • You're on time to work and to meetings because you respect your co-workers and you take pride in what you do.
  • Our dress code is on the casual side, but you know when the situation calls for a high level of professionalism, and you can represent our company like a boss! 
  • You're a positive person with a sense of humor. We're all about getting s**t done, but we also enjoy each other and having a good laugh.
  • You like Reno and you're here because you want to be. We're known to take breaks to fuel up on an amazing chili cheese dog at the Cal-Neva (they have the best in town) and play a few slots to recharge. Most of your adult life will be spent at work, so we believe in making that experience a positive one. 


Benefits, Perks & More

  • "Work from Home Wednesdays" Or wherever you work best. Every Wednesday is our 'focused work' day, free from distractions and meetings, designed for you to better concentrate on big projects. Plus, it means you only have to commute to the office 4 days a week.
  • 60% employer-paid medical premiums for the employee (United Healthcare coverage). Family plan is available.
  • 100% employer-paid dental and vision premiums
  • 13 paid Holidays per year (New Year’s Eve & Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving & Family Day, the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve & Day). If a holiday falls on a weekend, it will be observed on Friday or Monday.
  • Paid twice monthly on 5th and 20th via direct deposit
  • Cell phone allowance of $40 a month
  • Casual work environment in downtown Reno as a collaborative workspace with window views from every room.
  • Growth potential
  • 10 days annual vacation, accrued each pay period
  • 8 days annual sick leave, accrued each pay period
  • Use of a nice MacBook Pro
  • Your work hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Reno is located at the base of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range at about 4500ft. Our community has amazing views of the mountains and clear skies. Reno is only a 30 minute drive from Lake Tahoe, which is near some of the best ski resorts in the world. Hiking, fishing, camping and boating are available to those who love the outdoors. Reno is a vibrant community rich in art, culture and events all year long. We get all four distinct seasons, but our winters and summers are milder than many areas of the country. 

Some of our unique local events include: Burning Man, Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations, Art Town, Reno Air Races and the Reno Balloon Races.

Living in Nevada means that there is no state income tax! Traffic is minimal during peak commute times compared to other mid to large sized cities. Homes can be purchased at various price levels.

Our small team manages many programs and our family of brands under the umbrella of Government Social Media. We are an energetic company making a big impact in local and state government across the U.S. by supporting public sector social media professionals. We organize the Government Social Media Conference, Social for Safety Conference, and operate the Government Social Media Organization. We get to work directly with the public sector teams at social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and platforms such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and more.

How to Apply

To apply for the Web & Social Media Specialist job opening, please email the following to Gaby at [email protected]:

  1. Attach a completed job application (See the button below to download the fillable PDF. Either use a digital signature or print/sign/scan.)
  2. Attach a PDF cover letter and resumé. Ensure you've described why you're interested in this position and why we should consider you. 
  3. Take the Myers-Briggs personality type quiz and attach a screenshot or PDF of your results.
  4. Include a link or attach a PDF of a portfolio of your work. This could include websites you've managed, social media campaign screenshots, etc. 

This job was posted on June 26, 2019 and is open until filled! The highest ranked applicants will be invited for an interview. The interview process may involve top candidates returning for a second interview.


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