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The best virtual events have a shorter daily duration to accommodate most time zones – and attention spans! Want more? Our optional before & after networking & meetups can match how immersed you prefer to be – whatever your typical schedule looks like. The daily schedule time blocks are identical for Tuesday & Wednesday, September 22 & 23.

U.S. Pacific

6-8am: Networking/Meetups
8am - 3:15pm: Program
(Includes approximately 2 keynotes and 8 breakouts daily)
3:15-5pm: Networking/Meetups

U.S. Mountain

7-9am: Networking/Meetups
9am - 4:15pm: Program 
(Includes approximately 2 keynotes and 8 breakouts daily)
4:15-6pm: Networking/Meetups

U.S. Central

8-10am: Networking/Meetups
10am - 5:15pm: Program 
(Includes approximately 2 keynotes and 8 breakouts daily)
5:15-7pm: Networking/Meetups

U.S. Eastern

9-11am: Networking/Meetups
11am - 6:15pm: Program 
(Includes approximately 2 keynotes and 8 breakouts daily)
6:15-8pm: Networking/Meetups

Important: Change your time zone in the dropdown menu below to see the schedule in your time!

More sessions, speakers and networking break details will be announced as we continue to develop our virtual S4SCON program. Busy right now? Participants will have access to recordings of most sessions for 90 days after the event.



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