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Government Social Media is the first professional association for public sector social media professionals in the United States, founded in 2015.

Get supported as a government social media professional

While our free network is a great resource, our professional association unlocks a support system for government employees handling social media, for only $79/year. Hundreds of social media professionals in government belong to our professional association and you can join, too!

Learn about each region, our elected council and membership eligibility.

Upcoming Member-Only Training
  • SocialGov Roundup 12.13.22 -  The “SocialGov Roundup” webinar series are quick, to-the-point videos covering the latest features and news on major and emerging platforms – all from the perspective of how it's relevant to social media professionals in government. Meet with your co-hosts GSM Membership Council representative Katie Grant and Team GSM's Ariana Donley to get the latest news in under 30 minutes.

Recent Training

  • Timesaving & Automation Tips to Survive the Holidays as a #SocialGov 12.01.22 -  In this webinar, City of Longview, TX, Public Information Officer Richard Yeakley broke down tips and tricks to automate your workflow and reclaim your holidays.
  • SocialGov Roundup (aired 11.16.22 with co-hosts GSM Membership Council President Kristen Waggener and Team GSM's Ariana Donley to get the latest news in under 30 minutes)

  Other recent training


Professional Development

We promote best practice standards for government social media to support professional development in this field. We assist in facilitating discussion with social networks and communicate new platform features and products to member agencies.

Online Resources

As a GSM member, you'll be able to access a number of member-only online resources, such as special topical webinars by industry experts and helpful member-contributed reference documents such as policies, plans and templates.

Community Network

Members have access to a membership directory to search, message and connect with social media peers in their area. Share challenges and lessons learned with social media professionals dealing with the same issues across the U.S.

Annual dues are only $79/year

One of the most economical professional associations you'll find, yet packs significant value for you and your agency.


Membership Guidebook

Government Social Media is the first professional association for public sector social media professionals in the United States, founded by Government Social Media LLC in 2015! GSM membership is guided by our Membership Guidebook, which clarifies the purpose, structure and operations of the association.

View Membership Guidebook

Eligibility for membership

We support local and state agencies, the United States Federal Government, regional government, academics and more. Members can have any job title — it’s not limited to social media manager — but must be actively employed full/part-time (not as contractor or consultant), or be an elected or appointed official, at any of the following entities within the United States of America, including their departments, agencies, boards and commissions:

  • City, town, township, municipality, borough, county, tribal
  • Special district (water, airport authority, sanitation, visitor’s bureau, port authority, utility services owned by government agencies, etc.)
  • Economic Development Corporation
  • Library: City, county, state or federal
  • Courts: Municipal, county, state or federal
  • Public safety entity: local or state
  • States, U.S. federal agencies, active duty U.S. military or civilian staff
  • Municipal league or association of cities or counties
  • Public entity insurance pools or exchanges, public employees retirement system or benefits authority
  • U.S.-based public school or university

Membership Council

The GSM Membership Council is an advisory body is made up of seven members who represent state or local agencies, each elected by their region. Council members serve as advisors for the association for a term of two years.

"It's nice to have a community of welcoming professionals who know what you're going through in this niche business!"

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