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About GSM

Kristy Dalton,
Founder & CEO

We support the SocialGov Community

Government Social Media LLC supports public sector social media professionals by hosting national events, facilitating online training and organizing a community of government social media managers across the country.

We've been deeply involved in the government social media community since this space was a thing! Our passion is connecting social media professionals with their peers, representatives from the major social networks and the private sector companies that can assist them. 

Get to know the people behind Government Social Media, known as #TeamGSM! 

Sarah Rihaly

Content Manager

Jovana Caro

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ariana Donley

Web & Social Media Specialist

Carol Blauser

Office Assistant

GSM Board of Advisors

GSM established a Board of Advisors in 2021. These executives are well-known in their respective industries and provide an outside perspective for the direction and leadership of the company. The strategic insight of the Board will help leverage the GSM brand and continue to serve the community in the best ways possible.

Chief Chris Hsiung,

Kevin Knutson,

GSM Membership Council

GSM runs a professional association for public sector employees who handle social media for government agencies and educational institutions. The association is guided by a Membership Council, made up of seven elected representatives each serving a specific region of the United States.

The Council advises on the needs of government social media professionals in one of the newest fields in government.

Conference Local Host Committee

The Local Host Committee (LHC) is an advisory group of appointed volunteers to help plan the Government Social Media Conference. Members are typically highly engaged social media or communication professionals in the public sector and work in the greater region where GSMCON is being held each year.

The LHC works in coordination with Team GSM and the GSM Membership Council to help plan an exceptional conference experience!


245 E. Liberty Street, Ste. 230, Reno, NV 89501
Visitors by appointment only please.

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