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3 Top Tips from our Smart SocialGov Planning Webinar

Jun 29, 2021

Government Social Media recently teamed up with ArchiveSocial to host a free, publicly available webinar, “Feel Good Stepping Away: Smart SocialGov Planning” after we heard about so many government social media professionals who felt like they couldn’t — or don’t have feasible ways — to take that well-deserved time off. 

Whether it’s an extended vacation, maternity/paternity leave or you’re just off social for the night, GSM founder Kristy Dalton and ArchiveSocial CEO Ray Carey got attendees actionable tips to set your social media up for success, even if you’re not directly watching it. If you missed the live webinar, you can register to get the replay right here

Here are a few top tips we took away from this webinar:

Have the tough conversations now

It’s not easy — and might even feel impossible — to be able to go to your higher ups and express that you need to take time off. But, creating those open lines of communication now is crucial in any working relationship. You might be adding an exciting addition to your family, facing an unfortunate loss, or you’re ready to relax at the beach — try to constructively go to your boss.

You may feel some anxieties about approaching your boss, but, as Kristy said, “Nothing’s worse though than staff that’s overworked, staff that’s burnt out, and we’re seeing people leaving companies and leaving agencies in droves now, post-pandemic, and no one wants you to leave and get to that point. Let your boss know how you’re feeling about taking time off.”

Pro tip: Go to your higher ups with a one-pager of solutions so you can take that time off — it’ll help both you and your boss feel better about taking that time away. After registering for the webinar replay, you’ll also be able download a helpful worksheet to fill out with tips that will help you put together what you need in place to take time off, how to do it, and even bonus automations and more you can set up to make your day-to-day easier for you.

Find your WorkLaugh Balance

Successful social media starts with a successful you, and part of being a successful you is taking that time away. Ray shared a helpful principle he uses at ArchiveSocial called WorkLaugh Balance.

“We all talk about work-life balance, and I think it’s important to have that. We have a core value at ArchiveSocial — WorkLaugh Balance. So, it’s important about having a really good time when you are at work, but it’s also important to take that and give yourself time away so you can take care of yourself, you can be fresh, you can be your best self at work, and your best self with your family at home.”

And, part of creating that successful you and finding your WorkLaugh Balance, is to practice your socialgov self-care. Pro tip: Creating healthy boundaries, teaching leadership how to best help you, and learning how to say ‘no’ constructively are all important self-care techniques to not only learn, but also diligently practice. 

Future you will be thankful!

The secrets to setting up successful automations, training contributor teams and the policies & procedures you need to have in place are all tips Kristy & Ray cover in this webinar so you don’t feel like you’re abandoning your position while you’re away. 

Pro tip: These are all methods you can use all the time! Setting up and following these practices now will also make your day-to-day even more successful and allow you more time to focus on big projects

Get the webinar replay, downloadable worksheet and access to additional resources & FAQs by registering for “Feel Good Stepping Away: Smart SocialGov Planning.” Plus, click the checkbox to have a member of ArchiveSocial’s team reach out to you to learn more!

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