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ArchiveSocial unveils a new look at GSMCON this year

Feb 07, 2022

This is a contributed blog by Kristy Dalton, founder of Government Social Media and the Government Social Media Conference, where ArchiveSocial is a GSMCON Sponsor.

In summer 2014, I started planning the first Government Social Media Conference, which would happen the next spring. Naturally, I invited a handful of companies that I thought would be interested in a first-ever event geared specifically for governments sharing social media best practices. 

I reached out to Anil Chawla, founder of ArchiveSocial, a North Carolina company that I knew was laser-focused on public sector social media archival. Anil shared my passion for supporting socialgov professionals, and ultimately he joined Derek Chan (California DMV), Chris Matthews (Nevada Commission on Tourism), Lindsay Crudele (City of Boston), Luke Stowe (City of Evanston), Paul Taylor (Government Technology magazine) and Jennifer Davies (City of Las Vegas)  as a part of our planning committee for the inaugural conference in 2015, in Reno, Nevada. 

[IMAGE] Anil Chawla leads a keynote panel at GSMCON2019 in Nashville. 

As we held the second, third, fourth and fifth GSMCONs, ArchiveSocial’s participation expanded – like the time Anil moderated a keynote panel on diversity and inclusion, or the time they hosted a spirited debate about hiding vs. deleting comments. Their involvement culminated in what would have been the unveiling of their title sponsorship of the 2020 conference in Seattle. Even though the pandemic forced us to cancel the conference just a couple of weeks before the event, it meant a lot to all of us on Team GSM that their company stayed with us and connected with us in a virtual partnership over the months that followed to continue to support the socialgov community.

[IMAGE] Isaac Kikuchi takes a selfie with a spot on Dolly impersonator at GSMCON2019.

Ray Carey took the helm as CEO of ArchiveSocial in 2019 as Anil transitioned to an executive advisor role, and Ray led through combining Monsido and NextRequest in late 2021. They recently announced a new umbrella brand, named Optimere.

[IMAGE] Ray Carey shares insights with 900+ online participants during Virtual GSMCON2021.

Now, the company is on the verge of an exciting new chapter at GSMCON2022 in Dallas, Texas, in March, as Optimere! 

As the title sponsor of GSMCON2022, you can expect to get to know Optimere more onstage and in our much-anticipated exhibit hall experience. You’ll get to meet Ray and the people behind their combined brands in action.   

With the demand for accessible government content, you may want to check out Monsido’s booth to learn about how their products fit into the new Optimere ecosystem. Have you ever received a request for information via a social media comment or DM? Chat with the folks at the adjacent NextRequest booth about how you can stay in legal compliance and coordinate records with other departments.  

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since we’ve all been together in-person at GSMCON! The ArchiveSocial team is looking forward to continuing their tradition of being friendly folks who really connect with attendees and solve problems, and I’m personally looking forward to introducing you to their new brand this March when we see you in Dallas! 

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