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Jun 01, 2021

Being a government social media professional is a crucial, complex role — who better to talk about it with than your fellow peers?

Join our Government Social Media network — a free resource to government social media professionals — where you’ll easily collaborate on socialgov's most important issues, find organized, topic-specific conversations, share content and easily connect with your peers. Here’s some topics you’ll find:

  • Access to social network contacts
  • Employment resources
  • Events like free webinars and bi-weekly Government Social Media Chats 
  • A newsfeed with questions & helpful answers
  • Conversations with fellow socialgovs just like you!

Best communicate with the public you serve & get connected with your support network of peers by becoming a part of the free Government Social Media network — only available to full/part-time employees of government or educational institutions. Here’s how to join. 

We support the largest network of government social media professionals in the U.S. by guiding government agencies through complex social media issues. Government Social Media helps you successfully communicate with the public you serve, protect your agency and keep public trust while finding your support community.


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