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GSMChat Recap: Best #S4SCON Tips for #SocialGov Handling Crisis

Oct 05, 2020

Missed out on this year’s virtual Social for Safety Conference? Let’s get you some tips in this Government Social Media Chat, “Best #S4SCON Tips for #SocialGov Handling Crisis.” Welcome, and let’s get started with a recap on Question 1! What’s your best tip on deciphering whether a pic on social media might be real or fake? Here’s some expert advice:

Great thoughts, socialgov! Comments this year in 2020 have been especially overwhelming. How do you effectively handle comment overload? Let’s share:

The pandemic has forced so many communicators to adapt, pivot and adapt some more this year. What’s your biggest tip you’d include in your pandemic playbook?

What do your peers say? Managing your self-care, dealing with information fatigue & finding unique ways to get your messaging across are key aspects of their playbooks.

Speaking of self-care, what’s your best social self-care practices? Here’s what your peers want you to know:

Deputy Chief Chris Hsiung with the Mountain View Police Department closed out the Social for Safety Conference with thoughts on why we do what we do, how we can support each other & how to be strong, be resilient and adaptable. Being there for each other is crucial, especially now. We asked the community to tag a peer & offer some words of encouragement. Thank you all!

We appreciate the socialgov community supporting each other, sharing tips & helpful resources! For a full recap of the October 1, 2020, Government Social Media Chat, you can read through the whole chat on Wakelet

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