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GSMChat Recap: #Elections & #SocialMedia Advice for Public Communicators & Officials

Oct 22, 2020

With elections quickly approaching, many in the socialgov community got advice & shared tips in this Government Social Media Chat, “#Elections & #SocialMedia Advice for Public Communicators & Officials.” After govies from all over introduced themselves, we got started with Question 1:

So, how do you balance all the different types of messaging effectively? Here’s what your peers said:

How’s the socialgov community handling the bans on political ads? How do you still get info out effectively? It might be tough, but here are some creative ideas.

What are ways your agency’s accounts and non-campaign official accounts for electeds could best work together? Get some expert advice right here:

Bad info floats easily around social media, especially during elections. What are some strategies you use to debunk?

Last question of the day! Mental health, especially for govies, can take a toll during election season. What are ways you’re practicing your self-care?

We appreciate the socialgov community supporting each other, sharing tips & helpful resources! For a full recap of the October 15, 2020, Government Social Media Chat, you can read through the whole chat on Wakelet.  

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