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GSMChat Recap: Find the Right Message: Tips for Words, Tone & Clarity

Jul 17, 2020

Words are important. It’s not only what you say, but how you say it. You need to carefully craft your messages with meaningful, clear words with the right tone. During this week’s Government Social Media Chat, we took a look at the best tips & resources for ensuring your messages are written well in, “Find the Right Message: Tips for Words, Tone & Clarity.”

After the socialgov community from across the U.S. introduced themselves, we asked the community to explain the challenges they’ve faced as a public communicator this year.

2020 hasn’t been an easy year to be a government social media communicator; here are just some of the challenges they’re facing:

Everything from keeping up with changing messaging to keeping your cool while providing good customer service, there are a lot of difficulties government social media communicators face, but one of the most challenging topics: masks. What types of wording techniques seem to break through the noise & get results? Here’s what the socialgov community said:

The roles of socialgov is crucial, especially for expertly communicating critical messages, like statements on racial justice, leading us to this next question:

Expert advice from the socialgov community:

Messaging can be confusing, now more than ever. With some cities opening, others closing (again) and many stuck in flux, communications can get muddy. What’s your best advice on this?

Last question of the day! Tone & voice can be one of your biggest assets or your biggest enemy. Let’s see what the socialgov community thinks about this:

We appreciate the socialgov community supporting each other, sharing tips & helpful resources! For a full recap of the July 9, 2020, Government Social Media Chat, you can read through the whole chat on Wakelet.

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