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GSMChat Recap: Keeping up with the Comments! Strategy help for overworked #SocialGov

Aug 07, 2020

Do you have comment overload? During this week’s Government Social Media Chat, we got together virtually to decompress and get some great advice on how to handle comments in, “Keeping up with the Comments! Strategy help for overworked #SocialGov.” Before we jumped in this week, we let everyone know about the Social for Safety Conference coming this September, virtually this year! Our Call for Speakers runs through Friday, Aug. 14.

Let’s jump into Q1! Comments can be a very difficult part of your socialgov job; what’s your current strategy?

Some socialgov say they’ve been very hands-off, others have a goal of responding to nearly all comments. What many professionals agreed on is needed to “triage” the comments, search for common themes to post responses and work as best as you can to correct misinformation, while also caring for your own mental health.

Would you argue it’s NOT OK to reply only to positive comments? Let’s explore in question 2.

Here’s what some of the socialgov community had to say:

Let’s dive into this tough topic: argumentative comments. What do you with these types of comments? Respond or let them go?

When it comes to argumentative comments, it’s a very difficult decision to respond or not. However, hear your fellow peers out on these questions to consider and methods to take.

Let’s work together! Being a social media team of one isn’t easy to begin with, and adding a swarm of comments certainly doesn’t help. How could you pull in others to best help you?

It’s not always feasible to add members to your team (especially with budget cuts happening), AND adding individuals who are trained to handle social. Here are some workarounds and ideas fellow peers have:

Last question of the day coming up…

Updating/revisiting your comment policies is so important to make it clear, make sure everyone’s on the same page and a great opportunity to get your legal teams involved.

We appreciate the socialgov community supporting each other, sharing tips & helpful resources! For a full recap of the Aug. 6, 2020, Government Social Media Chat, you can read through the whole chat on Wakelet.


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