July 2024 observance calendar roundup

Jun 20, 2024

What days should you keep in mind for your government social media content calendar? Here’s a helpful roundup of some of the observed days happening in July 2024 you might want to consider building content for — or be mindful of — for your government social media accounts.

We put together a free, downloadable resource of observed days for all of 2024! Download our 2024 Observance Calendar Roundup to easily reference observances and fill in goals, accomplishments and ideas throughout the year. 

Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be a full list of observances and we encourage you to check with your state/county for any area-specific days or with your peers in our GSM Facebook Community Group or free GSM network. Other helpful resources for additional observances include List of National Days, National Today, Ready.Gov’s Preparedness Calendar, NWS Awareness and Preparedness Calendar, or the United Nations List of International Days and Weeks.

Observed in the month of July

Weeks observed in July

Days observed in July

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