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June observance calendar roundup

May 25, 2021

What days should you keep in mind for your government social media content calendar? Here’s a helpful roundup of some of the observed days happening in June you might want to build content for — or be mindful of — for your government social media accounts.

Please keep in mind that this may not be a full list, and we encourage you to check other sources like List of National Days or National Today, with your state/county for any area-specific days or with your peers in our GSM Facebook Community Group or GSM network.

Observed in the month of June

  • National Camping Month
  • National Great Outdoors Month
  • National Safety Month
  • Pride Month

Weeks observed in June

  • National Men’s Health Week: June 14-20

Days observed in June

  • World Bicycle Day: June 3
  • National Donut Day: June 4
  • World Environment Day: June 5
  • D-Day: June 6
  • National Higher Education Day: June 6
  • World Oceans Day: June 8
  • Flag Day: June 14
  • World Blood Donor Day: June 14
  • Juneteenth: June 19
  • Father’s Day: June 20
  • Summer Solstice: June 21
  • Social Media Day: June 30

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