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LinkedIn mini training series coming to professional association

Sep 13, 2021

LinkedIn can be an extremely useful tool for government agencies. While the network may be thought of first as a recruitment platform, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for government communicators to reach your community in unique ways and to equip, celebrate and encourage your agency’s current employees, too. Are you using the platform to its full potential?

In this special series specifically for government communicators, “LinkedIn for Government,” Government Social Media and LinkedIn are bringing professional association members quick trainings with open Q&A sessions to answer your questions on how to best use the platform. For three sessions, three different LinkedIn speakers will cover topics on how to reach your professional audiences, truly engage with your citizens and attract top talent to your agency. 

If you’re already one of our hundreds of professional association members, just head to your secret events tab to RSVP and register. Not a member yet? Being a member of the professional association unlocks a support system for government employees handling social media — including professional development tools, online resources, and a community network of your peers —for only $79/year. Learn more about the professional association and join right here!

10 a.m. PDT, September 21, 2021: (Mini Series 1) LinkedIn for Government: Reaching Professional Audiences

Who needs to know about your agency’s programs? If you define that target audience based on what they do at work, this session is for you. You’ll learn how government agencies use LinkedIn to identify, target and engage with professional audiences. This session will include an overview of effective strategies to reach professionals from healthcare providers to Fortune 500 CXOs (and everything in between), best practices for optimal performance, and examples of government agencies who have found success using LinkedIn advertising to engage with these audiences.

About the speaker
Rachel Ehrenberg is an Account Executive on LinkedIn's Government & Advocacy team based in Washington, DC. She partners with government agencies and associations to create success and drive growth through strategic digital marketing.  Additionally, Rachel has developed a specialty in consulting with clients in the health care space. Rachel is also the DC office’s co-lead for EnableIn, an employee resource group dedicated to creating awareness and belonging around disabilities and mental health.

10 a.m. PDT, October 5, 2021: (Mini Series 2) LinkedIn for Government: Citizen Engagement
Effective communication between government agencies and their constituents is critical to ensuring citizens are well-informed, engaged and taking advantage of your programs. This session will walk through why and how governments use LinkedIn to reach and engage constituents, and provide examples of targeting and who’s doing it well.

About the speaker
Emory Roberts works as an Account Executive at LinkedIn partnering with government agencies, advocacy groups, and mission-driven nonprofits. Prior to joining Linkedin, Emory gained years of experience driving digital marketing and data analytics results for his clients at i360, The McClatchy Company, and several political campaigns and organizations. Originally from South Carolina, Emory is currently headquartered at the Washington, DC office on the Government & Advocacy team.

10 a.m. PDT, October 19, 2021: (Mini Series 3) LinkedIn for Government: Attracting Top Talent
Hiring is hard, and any hiring manager or recruiter will tell you that the current landscape is incredibly competitive. You know that in order to achieve your agency's mission, you need top talent. As the leading tool for talent attraction, LinkedIn is a crucial part of any recruitment strategy. Join this session to learn how government agencies leverage LinkedIn to attract talent. This session will cover best practices, tips, and success stories of government agency talent attraction and economic development.

About the speaker
Matt Ross is a Senior Account Executive on LinkedIn’s Government team. He focuses on working with federal departments and agencies to help them message and hire using LinkedIn. Matt has worked in digital media and advertising for 15 years, since the infancy of publishers going online, to ad tech platforms, and now currently in the social media space.  He’s a believer in trying to help partners cut through the often-distracting topline metrics with consistent messaging and strategy to achieve clear audience signals and greater leverage of LinkedIn in their efforts.

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