Mark your calendars! July 2024 socialgov virtual training

Jun 26, 2024

Keep up on the latest trends while getting valuable info for your important government social media role during these upcoming virtual webinars & chats in July 2024.

We’re virtually getting together in the free GSM network & GSM professional association on topics that matter most to you, on everything from learning more about what artificial intelligence can do for you to becoming the subject matter expert at your agency.

Mark your calendars & RSVP at these events!

Free GSM network & GSMChats

The free GSM network is where you’ll find a place to ask questions, share advice and genuinely meet fellow socialgovs working in public sector social media. While a lot of great collaboration happens publicly on the social networks, the GSM network is different because members are exclusively employees of government agencies and educational institutions – and, members get access to perks only the platform like starting a direct 1:1 chat or group chat.

A major benefit of joining the network is to participate in our bi-weekly Government Social Media Chats (GSMChat), happening every other Thursday since 2015. You’ll meet with government social media professionals to discuss and share ideas with each other on different topics in a text-only chat. Recaps are available for most chats, too! 

Register & RSVP to attend chats in the free GSM network.

10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET, Thursday, July 18: Becoming the Social Media SME at Your Agency
Even if you're a social media whiz, you might still face dismissive attitudes from colleagues who don't fully appreciate the value of your work. Establishing yourself as the go-to Subject Matter Expert (SME) in social media at your agency can be a challenging journey, but it's one that can boost your confidence and enhance your influence over time.

We’ll explore strategies to elevate your role from a social media staffer to the recognized social media expert within your agency. Don’t miss this chance to empower yourself and amplify your impact! Attend this chat in the free GSM network.

10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET, Thursday, August 1: Branch Out! Exploring Alternative Social Media Platforms
While government agencies often stick to a few mainstream social networks, some are now venturing into online communities that foster niche conversations or opportunities to connect with younger or more diverse audiences. Are you ready to explore these new frontiers?

Join us for #GSMChat on Thursday, August 1, 2024 as we dive into the pros/cons and talk strategy for government agencies on platforms like Reddit, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp and more. Discover how your agency could thrive and engage in these dynamic digital spaces! RSVP now.

Professional association: Member-only webinars

The GSM professional association unlocks a support system for government employees handling social media – one of the most economical memberships at only $79/year.

Each month in the GSM professional association, members get access to at least one live webinar on the latest social media updates (with replays often available). Each quarter members can also be part of Virtual Regional Meetups to genuinely connect with fellow members who may be right next door!

Get online resources, access to regional groups, extras at GSMCON and more exciting perks. Complete the application form & start viewing the member-only content today!

11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET: Top AI Tools SocialGovs Can Use Today
In an era where digital presence is crucial for government entities, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can significantly enhance social media management and engagement. Designed specifically for government social media professionals, this virtual member-only webinar will provide an in-depth exploration of the leading AI tools that can streamline your social media efforts.

Meet with GSM professional association Membership Council representative Zack Seipert for an in-depth look on cutting-edge AI tools to enhance efficiency, improve accessibility standards, help you better understand your audience and craft compelling content.  

We’re taking a real-world look on implementing tools like:

  • Text generation tools
  • Image generation tools
  • Video editing tools
  • Research tools
  • Data Analysis tools 

Get inspiration on how you can ethically use AI to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of social media management for government agencies! Bring your AI-related questions for an open Q&A at the end of the session.

RSVP & register in the professional association.

July 2024: SocialGov Roundup (date/time TBA!)

Each month, we get together in the professional association to deliver the latest social media news right to you! The “SocialGov Roundup” live webinar series are quick, to-the-point trainings covering the latest features and news on major and emerging platforms, all from the perspective of how it's relevant to social media professionals in government. Get the latest news and how it affects you & your role in under 30 minutes. Date & time will be announced in the professional association in July.

Even more downloads & other resources

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  • Looking for content ideas for your agency’s social media calendar? Download our yearly observance calendar roundup for some of the observances you might consider building content for — or be mindful of — for your government social media accounts.

Government Social Media empowers government professionals to achieve mastery in social media through conferences, online training, and professional association membership.

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