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Network best at the Government Social Media Conference

Oct 25, 2022

Building your network of fellow government social media professionals is a major piece of the socialgov puzzle.

They’re the support system you can rely on, ask questions to, bounce ideas off of, solve challenges and celebrate wins with. These people are the industry leaders paving the way, the ones who share creative ideas and who truly understand what you go through, whether it be on the local, state or federal level. 

Where do you even begin finding — or expanding — your network in a niche field like government social media?

While meeting online in places like the GSM Community Facebook Group or free GSM network can be a great place to start, there’s nothing quite like getting together, meeting face-to-face and truly connecting with each other. The best place to do this? At the 2023 Government Social Media Conference, happening May 2-4, in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada! Attendees don’t only walk away, or log off, with the best learning specific to socialgovs at the largest social media conference for government, but they’ll also have opportunities like the Welcome Reception, networking breaks, special activities and so much more to build their network.

Early-Bird discount ends November 14, and afterwards, ticket prices for in-person tickets increase by $100 and virtual tickets increase by $50! Save the most now, and if you purchase by October 31, 2022, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a free 2024 ticket.

Find out more about the unique networking opportunities only found at GSMCON2023:

Welcome Reception

Get connected with fellow attendees before the conference officially starts! 

In-person attendees can expect to attend our 2.5-day event with perks like meeting people face-to-face at the Welcome Reception, happening Monday, May 1, 2023 at the Lex Nightclub, conveniently located at our host venue, the fun-filled Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV. Sponsored by Optimere, you’ll be treated to music, light snacks and the continuing tradition of one complimentary drink ticket. 

If you’re planning to attend solo, don’t worry! We’re incorporating guided networking to help break the ice to easily meet fellow peers at this fun, unique venue.

If you’re joining us online, you’re invited to a virtual-only hour-long Welcome Reception where we’ll have just as much fun with our virtual host and other online participants.

On-site activities & built-in breaks

Every day at GSMCON, we make sure to build a program where you actually get to meet other professionals, speakers, vendors and social network reps outside of the general and breakout sessions.

In-person attendees start their day with a continental breakfast and can participate in morning on-site activities. Make sure to visit the expo stage for special programming like raffles, games and more or head on over to vendors to get a chance to learn about new products (and maybe some swag!).

New for GSMCON2023 and based on attendee feedback, general session programming during lunch will be replaced with a new opportunity for table-mates to connect with each other! Instead of lunchtime keynote remarks, attendees can expect to find a seat and have a few available icebreakers to get to know the fellow professionals at your table better.

Each afternoon, there is a planned Networking Break for attendees to relax in the Lounge, take a break, participate in activities at the expo stage and so much more. 

Special activities & after hours

Want to eat like a local? The Restaurant Romp is a fun way to do so! In-person attendees can sign up to participate in Tuesday night’s Restaurant Romp where you can dine with other attendees at several different eateries in the area. This is a great way to get to know other attendees in a fun, no stress setting.

When in Reno, you can’t not see some of the surrounding areas! Spend after hours exploring the Reno-Tahoe area with fellow attendees in Reno’s Downtown and Midtown areas or take our complimentary shuttle to Lake Tahoe. Want to stay close at the host venue? There’s plenty to do! Go bowling, try axe throwing, head to the golf driving range, and so much more just steps outside your hotel room door. 

The Government Social Media Conference is the largest social media conference for government agencies, where attendees from across the U.S. and around the world can expect a unique experience not found anywhere else, and we can’t wait for you to join us! You’ll make lasting connections with different people and the info you need to do your job with more efficiency and less stress, protect your agency, communicate effectively with your community, and get to know the people who truly know your position — your socialgov community. Register before Early-Bird pricing ends to save the most.

Best communicate with the public you serve and get connected with fellow socialgovs by registering for the 2023 Government Social Media Conference happening in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada! Join our free network for bi-weekly Government Social Media Chats or professional association for member-only webinars. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on training, events and more.

We support the largest network of government social media professionals in the U.S. by guiding government agencies through complex social media issues. Government Social Media helps you successfully communicate with the public you serve, protect your agency and keep public trust while finding your support community. 


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