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Runoff council election results are in - congrats!

Jun 04, 2021

The results are in for the Government Social Media professional association Membership Council! 

After an initial tie in the West region, we held an exciting regional runoff election where members in California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah voted in another close election. We now welcome new west region representative, Zach Whitney, to the Council!

Here is the full council, including continuing members Warren and Jessie:

  • At-Large Federal position: Justin H.S. Breaux
  • Northwest region: Warren Kagarise
  • Midwest region: Jessie Brown
  • Northeast region: Emily Allen Lucht
  • Southeast region: Chelsea Sawyer
  • Southwest region: Kristen Waggener
  • West region: Zach Whitney

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming from the council in the coming months! The council is a group of elected volunteer advisors who represent professional association members in each region across the United States. They serve as advisors for the association, get to work on important projects, establish rapport with social media networks and serve in various leadership positions to support fellow socialgovs.

Terms for the Federal, Southeast, Southwest, and West regions run through spring 2023. The Northeast term ends in spring 2022 to complete the remainder of the original vacancy, along with the Northwest and Midwest regions.

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