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There are nine (9) award categories open to entries in the 2024 competition. You may only submit one (1) entry in any category, and you may only submit up to three (3) entries overall in this award competition. Submitting the same entry under multiple categories will NOT increase your chances of winning. A good strategy is to customize a solid entry to be an excellent match for a particular category. Are you eligible to enter? Read the official Rules & Eligibility to see what agencies are eligible to enter.

1. Best Facebook Presence

This category recognizes a government Facebook presence that rises above the noise and creatively uses the platform and its many tools to successfully engage with the public


2. Best Instagram Presence

This category recognizes a government Instagram presence that builds strong community with followers with creative visual storytelling. 


3. Best LinkedIn Presence

This category recognizes a government agency that uses LinkedIn to share compelling narratives about work culture, reach new audiences and earn powerful results in social recruitment. 


4. Best Nextdoor Presence

This category recognizes a government agency that embodies what it means to be a good neighbor by using Nextdoor to show heart, emphasize community and make a positive impact. 


5. Best Podcast

This category honors a government agency’s efforts in producing an exceptional Podcast that connects with outsiders through storytelling and compelling conversation. 


6. Best Use of Short Form Video (60 seconds or less)

This category recognizes a government agency’s successful use of short form video on a social media platform to engage the public, tell an important story or elevate their social media strategy in 60 seconds or less. 


7. Best Use of Long Form Video (Over 60 secs)

This category honors a government agency for outstanding use of long form video – whether highly produced, edited on a cell phone or live – to capture the public’s attention and create a meaningful impression. Video submissions must be longer than 60 seconds in this category. 


8. Best Social Media Customer Service

This category honors a government agency for consistently outstanding work in Customer Service on social media, centered on problem-solving, transparency, candor, and delivering a positive experience by showing they truly care


9. Best Use of Social Media in an Emergency 

This category honors a government agency for their exceptional use of social media during an emergency, demonstrating solid social media crisis strategy in effectively reaching the public in the time where it matters most. 



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