GSMChat Recap: Coronavirus & SocialGov: Effectively Communicating a Pandemic

May 15, 2020

As soon as the coronavirus swept across the U.S., the socialgov community switched to crisis communication mode. How do you effectively communicate a pandemic? During the March 19, 2020, Government Social Media Chat we took a look at important questions government social media professionals should consider.



Many in the #SocialGov community were already feeling the effects of crisis communicating but were able to participate in any way they could, even briefly.



We first wanted to cover one major shift: how to transition from being in an office or out in the field to having to work from home, with your many new coworkers. 



One of the biggest roadblocks was finding a new way to juggle internal communications.



And, how to keep up productivity in this new environment.



Government Social Media Councilmember Jess Brown chimed in with helpful tips on how to establish a new routine in the new normal.



Staying in your lane, especially during a pandemic, can be difficult. How is the socialgov community handling this? 



Many echoed that communication between departments & jurisdictions is key to get the crucial info out to their communities. Also, repetition, repetition, repetition. 





This crisis called for the regular social media plan to be majorly upgraded, and fast. How could socialgovs incorporate important, relevant resources into your new social strategy?



Government social media professionals provided their go-to resources including information from the CDC, WHO and local jurisdictions.





One question on everyone’s mind: What will be some of the long term effects we’ll see on public process or agency’s programs due to the pandemic? 



There’ll likely be many long term effects, and one socialgov brought up this important point:


And many were looking for ways to incorporate their community virtually.



As difficult and trying these unprecedented times are, it’s also important to include messaging to support positivity & kindness in your communities. How are government communicators balancing these messages?



We appreciate the socialgov community supporting each other, sharing tips & helpful resources! For a full recap of the March 19, 2020 Government Social Media Chat on communicating during the coronavirus pandemic, read through the whole chat on Wakelet.


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