Crisis communication & 1A attorney Mark Weaver joins GSMCON2022 keynote

Dec 02, 2021

Part of being a government social media professional is understanding how the First Amendment, rulings and laws affect your official profiles. You also need to successfully collaborate with your agency’s attorney on your social media policy and approach to comment moderation. 

Join us at the 2022 Government Social Media Conference — the largest social media conference in the U.S. for government agencies happening March 29-31 — for a special keynote fireside chat with Mark R. Weaver, a crisis communications advisor and attorney for public sector clients. Hosted by GSMCON director Kristy Dalton, Mark will help answer your burning legal questions in plain language on how you can best work with your government agency’s attorney on social media matters. 

If you’re a returning GSMCON attendee, you’ll recognize this familiar face! Mark has frequented past Government Social Media events, blog posts and professional association member-only webinars, but a lot has changed since the last time we were together. Mark will share new case law and important information for government social media professionals as he returns to host an add-on, pre-conference legal workshop happening on Monday, March 28, 2022. Knowing how the First Amendment applies to your social media presence can protect you and your agency from a lawsuit, legal fees and damages. More details and how to be a part of the workshop will be available soon.

Mark is joining our growing list of industry leaders & experts who are leading impactful sessions geared towards all levels of government social media professionals at GSMCON2022. 

We’re looking forward to bringing together people who work in government social media both in Dallas, Texas at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel as well as those joining the virtual livestream, and we hope you’ll be a part of it! Early-bird registration closes Friday, December 3, 2021. Save the most by reserving your spot now, and download our one-page event summary to help with your training/travel approvals.


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