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Live Demo and Q&A with Meta’s Gov’t Team on Facebook’s New Pages Experience: Professional association member webinar

Dec 08, 2021

What questions do you still have on Facebook’s new Pages experience? Let’s get them answered!

In this special Government Social Media professional association member-only webinar, hear directly from members of Meta’s Politics and Government Outreach Team for a platform walk-through and live Q&A specifically for government communicators. This webinar will not be recorded, so join us live for “Facebook’s New Pages Experience: Live Demo and Q&A with Meta’s Gov’t Team” happening at 10 a.m. PT Tuesday, December 14, 2021 by registering in the GSM professional association.

Council President Warren Kagarise will be your host as we dive into Facebook’s new Pages experience with a live demo from Meta’s government team. The first part of this webinar will consist of live platform walk-throughs in response to common questions and inquiries from government social media professionals. The second part of the hour will be dedicated to a Live Q&A session where Meta’s team is taking questions directly from you – you won’t want to miss it! 

This webinar will not be recorded, and no replay will be available afterwards. Make sure to register in the professional association and join live to get your Facebook Pages questions answered!

If you’re already one of our hundreds of professional association members, just head to your secret events tab to RSVP and register. Not a member yet? Being a member of the professional association unlocks a support system for government employees handling social media — including professional development tools, online resources, and a community network of your peers —for only $79/year. Learn more about the professional association and join right here!

Unable to join the professional association? We encourage you to use our other useful resources on Facebook Page’s new experience!

  • Watch the publicly-available webinar replay for "Best Tips for Gov’t on Using New Facebook Pages + Q&A" hosted by Team GSM members Kristy Dalton and Ariana Donley
  • We worked directly with Meta’s government team to answer additional top questions on events, Page roles, task access, issues/glitches and other general questions in this blog post

Learn more about the professional association webinar speakers here:

Carlin Daharsh works on Meta’s, formerly known as Facebook’s, Politics and Government Outreach Team where she supports local elected officials, political candidates, advocacy groups, and government agencies build their presence on Facebook, Instagram, and their family of applications. In her role, Carlin works closely with local emergency management agencies, county elections offices, and public health departments to foster community engagement, respond to crisis, and ensure the integrity of local elections. Prior to Facebook, Carlin has dedicated her professional career to working in the state and local government space, most recently at the National League of Cities and for the Nebraska State Legislature.

Mitchell Lenneville is a member of Meta’s Politics and Government Outreach Team. He is a graduate of American University’s School of Public Affairs where he participated in the Politics, Policy and Law Scholar program and the Campaign Management Institute. He is also a Truman Scholar who previously worked in campaigns, Congress, and at the Department of Justice.

Liza-Bart Dolan is on Facebook’s Politics and Government Outreach team in Washington, D.C., ensuring that members of Congress and federal candidates use Facebook and Instagram to the best of their abilities in an ever-changing digital world. Prior to joining Facebook, she worked on Capitol Hill for Rep. Scott Taylor and the Mercatus Center during her time in the Koch Associate Program.

As digital engagement manager for King County, WA, in Seattle, Warren Kagarise leads the county’s efforts to connect with its 2.2 million residents via social media and other tools. Warren also represents the Northwest and is the president of the GSM Membership Council. Prior to King County, he served as communications coordinator for the City of Issaquah, WA. During his tenure, Issaquah received national recognition for changing the city’s name to celebrate the Super Bowl and for a Sasquatch-themed tourism campaign. A former journalist, Warren lives in Seattle and spends his free time exploring the outdoors.


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