‘The most valuable part of GSMCON is the community’

Nov 23, 2021

Whether it’s part of your role or your full-time job, we understand that social media — and especially, social media in the government space — is challenging. You face unique frustrations other social media managers might not quite understand while also handling many other duties, responding to difficult comment moderations and so much more.

What you do isn’t easy at all, but you’re not alone.

There are hundreds of other professionals in this space just like you who truly understand what you face as a govie who handles social media. Get together and meet your support system of peers at the 2022 Government Social Media Conference, happening March 29-31, 2022 both in person in Dallas, Texas and online. 

From local and state agencies, to emergency management, federal, education and more, you’ll find your community at GSMCON2022, and meet other socialgovs just like Katie Grant, Digital Communications Section Chief for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

As a leader of the department's Office of Communications, Katie oversees strategy and content creation for the department's social media and podcast while also managing the video and web teams. Katie is a strong advocate for the socialgov profession and some of you may even have seen her sessions at last year’s conference! 

“For me, the most valuable part of GSMCON is the community. I’ve connected with people in other levels of government that have given me a better perspective on my own work in state government. Seeing their work pushes me to elevate my creativity in content creation and problem-solving. And seeing the work they do inspires me daily,” Katie said. “They’ve helped me see I’m not alone in this sometimes lonely and difficult position. Sure, I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to improve social media strategy in the in-depth sessions. But the community, and the life-long friendships I’ve made along the way, have proven invaluable to myself and my organization over and over again.”

Being a part of any Government Social Media Conference means becoming a part of a camaraderie that lasts long after our few days together. Genuinely connect with your peers — either virtually or in person — at the Welcome Reception, during sessions, keynotes, at the expo area and even during after hours. Celebrate wins, discuss challenges together and get to know the people who know your position best — your socialgov community.

We hope to see you either in person or online at GSMCON2022! At the largest social media conference in the U.S. for government agencies, you’ll walk away — or log off — from a fulfilling experience making you an even more confident, efficient government social media professional.

Early-bird registration prices for both in-person and virtual tickets for the 2022 Government Social Media Conference are extended through Friday, December 3, 2021. The initial lineup of speakers will be announced before early-bird registration ends, and you can download our one-page event summary to help with your training/travel approvals. Save the most by reserving your spot before extended early-bird registration ends! Here’s how.


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