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What is the Government Social Media Conference?

Sep 12, 2022

The Government Social Media Conference is the largest social media conference for government, where attendees from across the U.S. and around the world can expect a unique experience not found anywhere else.

Since 2015, GSMCON has been filled with helpful people, best practices, opportunities to connect and much more, and has brought those who work at government agencies, educational institutions, private industry and everyone else interested in this niche field together. 

GSMCON is the best training opportunity for public sector employees to learn how to leverage social media while keeping public trust and avoiding embarrassing social media fails. Almost every government project involves a communication component, and GSMCON attendees are at an advantage because they walk away with valuable techniques for public outreach and engagement via social media.     

Because of social media’s growing role and impact in government, GSMCON is growing, too. Hundreds of government communicators each year — in 2022, nearly 1,400 met in Dallas, Texas, or online — get together to connect with social network representatives, industry leaders and, most importantly, fellow professionals. Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Twitter, Nextdoor, LinkedIn, TikTok and other social media networks usually attend to help answer questions and connect with attendees.

It’s not just another typical conference where oftentimes growing bigger means growing distant. While learning through special keynote speakers and breakout sessions is crucial to your future success, an important piece is to have unparalleled networking opportunities with each other. First GSMCON? New to the field? Traveling alone? Each day attendees can participate in small group networking activities to genuinely meet new people. We’ve heard countless stories over the years that GSMCON is the best place where people meet future employers (or employees), friends who you can call on when you have questions and the connections that create your socialgov support system for years to come. 

Every year, GSMCON is truly an experience not found anywhere else. And, we’re expecting exciting new opportunities and experiences for GSMCON2023.

GSMCON2023: Reno-Tahoe, Nevada

The 2023 Government Social Media Conference is heading to Reno-Tahoe, Nevada, for our 8th annual GSMCON! We’re planning a special hybrid event where public sector communicators can meet together in person at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV or virtually from wherever you are. 

GSMCON2023 info

What: GSMCON2023, the largest social media conference in the U.S. for government agencies

When: Tuesday, May 2 - Thursday, May 4, 2023 (half day). Pre-conference workshops and our Welcome Reception at the Lex Nightclub happens Monday, May 1!

Venue: Grand Sierra Resort, 2500 E 2nd Street, Reno, NV 89595

Our room block is now available at the host venue Grand Sierra Resort at the government per diem rate of $102 (+$2/night tourism fee+13% tax). 

Special activities: Get some of the nearby Lake Tahoe experience! We’ll have complimentary shuttles Tuesday evening to take you to Lake Tahoe, or you can enjoy some of the thrilling experiences at our top-rated resort including an in-house bowling alley, movie theater, virtual reality experiences, axe throwing and more.

In-Person and Virtual Ticket registration: Now open! There are a range of ticket prices for in-person (starting at $719) or virtual (starting at $349) including early-bird specials, All Access upgrades and other add-ons.

Training approvals: Get helpful info in our downloadable event guide, tentative session schedule (where you can also access last year’s sessions), and our venue page for detailed info the Grand Sierra Resort and government per diem room nights.  

Who attends GSMCON?

Anyone interested in government social media! If social media is a portion of your position, your full-time job or you manage someone who handles social media, we encourage you to be part of the conference. GSMCON is for communicators, PIOs, elected officials, marketers, law enforcement, emergency managers — everyone from agency leadership to the occasional social media contributor. 

Attendees are often also those interested in exploring job opportunities in government social media. Journalists, marketers and other communicators are common fields that want to learn more about what it means to work in government and how to get more involved. GSMCON is a great place to start meeting people and ask in-depth questions!

Private industry is also welcome! While geared towards public sector social media, there are many takeaways applicable to the private sector, too. (Plus, where else will you get to talk directly to social network reps?!).

What does the schedule look like?

We’re packing our hybrid schedule with 26 breakout and general sessions, the spectacular Golden Post Awards, special networking opportunities and more. During our 2.5 days together, attendees have the opportunity to sit in on five general sessions and 21 breakout sessions. Three concurrent breakout sessions happen during one time slot, so if there’s multiple sessions you’d like to attend, we encourage you to pick your must-attend and then watch the recording afterwards. All attendees get on-demand access to most session recordings starting 10 days after the event for 90 days.

Speakers and sessions will be announced after we run our Call for Speakers this Fall! At past GSMCONs, we’ve had speakers from all major social media networks and from industry leaders and experts on topics that are most relevant to government social media professionals — everything from crafting the perfect social media policy, legal, accessibility, time management, one-person shops, platform specifics and much more. You can view last year’s GSMCON agenda if helpful for training approvals.

What are some of the networking opportunities?

Happening May 1, 2023 at the Lex Nightclub, located at our venue, get treated to music, light snacks and the continuing tradition of one complimentary drink ticket at the Welcome Reception! In-person attendees can start meeting each other in a fun environment where we’ll also have guided networking to help break the ice. Joining us virtually? You’re invited to a virtual-only, hour-long Welcome Reception where you’ll meet our virtual host and other online participants.

Throughout the program, we have several built-in networking breaks for both in-person and virtual attendees. In-person attendees have additional morning on-site activities to help meet your fellow peers first thing to set your day up for success. Plus, you’ll get to hang out at the expo stage, where you can expect special activities and raffles.

On Wednesday, you can also participate in the annual Golden Post Awards — make sure to pack something dressy! We’ll have more exciting details to let you know about as the ceremony gets closer, but what we can tell you now is that we’re bringing back the Awards bigger this year to continue the tradition of celebrating socialgov successes.

Why Reno and the Grand Sierra Resort?

Where else could you find axe throwing and the largest social media conference for government agencies? Only at the Grand Sierra Resort for GSMCON2023!

The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno has spacious breakout rooms (which allows us to get attendees classroom seating with a table in front of you), areas that are big enough to not be crowded but comfortable enough to genuinely connect, on-site activities and more. After hours, we always encourage attendees to get together, and right at the GSR, you’ll find activities like an escape room, laser tag, bowling, swimming, axe throwing, golf driving range and more.

Plus, our venue is perfectly located! Only a few minutes from the airport and a short drive to Reno’s Downtown and Midtown areas, you’ll get to experience boutique shops, fun eateries, speakeasies and much more. Before you head to the area, we’ll send you more info on things to do and places to see! 

Which ticket type should I pick?

Whichever one works best for YOU! Over the years, we’ve heard attendees asking for more-tailored experiences, and we have several add-on options and different types of tickets to accommodate exactly what you’re looking for. Learn more about the different ticket types and experiences

Register soon to use the Early-Bird special!

What happens after the conference ends?

You become part of the GSMCON camaraderie that lasts for long afterwards! While we only get together for 2.5 days, you’ll make lasting connections with different people and the info you need to do your job with more efficiency and less stress, protect your agency, communicate effectively with your community, and get to know the people who truly know your position — your socialgov community. 

We can’t wait to see you at GSMCON2023!

Best communicate with the public you serve and get connected with fellow socialgovs by registering for the 2023 Government Social Media Conference happening in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada! Join our free network for bi-weekly Government Social Media Chats or professional association for member-only webinars. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on training, events and more.

We support the largest network of government social media professionals in the U.S. by guiding government agencies through complex social media issues. Government Social Media helps you successfully communicate with the public you serve, protect your agency and keep public trust while finding your support community. 


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