Get the most out of your 2022 Government Social Media Conference experience by adding pre-conference workshops hosted by industry experts. Each workshop offers a deep dive into some of your most requested topics.

Each workshop fee is $75 and may be purchased along with your GSMCON attendee ticket during registration. Workshops are facilitated in-person and will also be livestreamed for our virtual audience (only for those who have the workshop add-on). If you've already purchased a GSMCON ticket and would like to add-on any workshops, please contact us and let us know which one(s) and we'll send you a special link.

Pre-Conference Add-On Workshops:
Monday, March 28, 2022

In this hands-on session, former County of Sacramento PIO Kerry Shearer ("The Livestream Expert") will cover all the things that will help you produce compelling video content for your agency using your smartphone and a few key accessories to ensure excellent audio, luscious lighting and a steady shot! Kerry knows all the gizmos and video approaches because he's kind of a technogeek and has been shooting smartphone video for years! This session will be high-energy, lots of fun, and you'll absolutely come away from it feeling way more confident in your abilities to quickly create great video content!

Kerry will cover shooting techniques, ways to get professional audio into your phone, editing approaches, lighting options, what formats to choose, helper apps, livestreaming, and more!

Note: Bring your smartphone to the workshop, fully charged. Bring a backup battery and charging cord if you have one (just in case!). It would be helpful to have a video editing app installed, such as iMovie (for iPhone), or Adobe Premiere Rush or InShot (iPhone or Android), or any other video app you already use and love. If you own a wired or wireless smartphone mic and a mini desktop tripod or gimbal, bring that too!


Several legal issues involved with government use of social media will be covered in this workshop facilitated by Mark R. Weaver, a leading crisis communications advisor and attorney for public sector clients. Knowing how the First Amendment applies to your social media presence can protect you from a lawsuit, legal fees and damages. This lively workshop — with many updates on recent laws and rulings since the last time you may have seen Mark presentfeatures practical tips in plain language about issues such as government forums, blocking users, deleting comments, viewpoint discrimination, employee use of social media and more.

In this training session, we provide a beginner level introduction for social media professionals new to managing social media platforms for government agencies. In addition to the resources provided, you’ll walk away with a new network of colleagues to aid in your professional growth.

Topics covered include an overview of:

  • Skills for successful social media management

  • Tools for efficiently managing content

  • Differences between managing social media for government and the private sector



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