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One day, deep dive online training gives you solutions to specific challenges that social media professionals are facing right now – led by experts, leaders & peers.

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SocialGov Masterclass: Solutions for Teams of One
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Are you a team of one (or small team) handling your agency's social media? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your work? Understaffed? Can't keep up?

You're not alone. Most government social media professionals feel this way, and with the ongoing pandemic, national & local crises, and so much more, your already tough position is getting significantly more difficult.

The solution? Learn the methods, tools & expert advice on how to best handle limited resources by registering for SocialGov Masterclass: Solutions for Teams of One.


8-1 PT (break 10-11am) | 9-2 MT (break 11-12pm) | 10-3 CT (break 12-1pm) |
11-4 ET (break 1-2pm)

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What's Your Advice for a Team of One?

We're crowdsourcing the best advice for social media teams of one (and very small teams)! Got a great tip or strategy? Don't keep it to yourself – please share it here and your advice may be featured in our masterclass.

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Topics Covered in this 1-day online masterclass

We may tweak this lineup before registration opens, but here's what we're hearing will be most useful to our socialgov community!

Automation & workflow timesavers
  • How to set up message bots, tips for social media autoresponders, etc.
  • Set up the tech to save you time (ex. Zapier, Slack, Trello, best phone apps)

Dig out of that mound of work
  • Where to get started & prioritize when it feels insurmountable  
  • Practical ways to batch & schedule SocialGov content

Getting help when you can't hire
  • Advice for working with socialgov Volunteers/Voluntolds
  • Interns (recruiting, training, what can they do?) and Freelancers (where to find, what can they do? etc.)

Mindset strategies to set you up for success
  • How to talk to your boss/leadership about being understaffed. Actual words to use.
  • Prioritize social self-care techniques and learn how to say No (how to gracefully turn down work)

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SocialGov Masterclass Explained

Quick, one-day virtual classes on a specific topic affecting the socialgov community right now. The January SocialGov Masterclass is focused on supporting small social media teams or teams of one to best help them succeed.

This is geared specifically for those who handle government social media! Whether you're the primary social media manager or social media is one of your duties, you'll gain helpful knowledge to best help you do your job.

However, anyone is welcome to attend! If you handle social media in any capacity — even not directly in the government space — this class will teach you effective ways to save time, dig out of that mound of work and more.

The masterclass is a LIVE online experience, with interactive lessons and scenario-planning with other participants. We'll use the Zoom meeting platform for interactivity. You can participate as much or as little as you prefer, but we encourage you to take part in the interactive scenarios for the most immersive experience!


245 E. Liberty Street, Ste. 230, Reno, NV 89501
Visitors by appointment only please.

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