Honoring your work: Golden Post Awards nominations close soon

Jan 31, 2022

Your hard work in the government social media field doesn’t go unnoticed, but the time to submit your entry into the Golden Post Awards is closing soon! Be recognized for your dedicated work and share your agency’s social media accomplishments by getting your entry in now before 11:59 p.m. PT Thursday, February 3, at no cost to you or your agency.

While this awards program is exclusively designed to honor outstanding use of social media by government agencies in the U.S., we can’t wait to recognize YOU! Finalists in each of our 10 categories focusing on social media strategy, presence and success will be announced in early March, with winners announced during a special awards ceremony happening Wednesday, March 30 during the 2022 Government Social Media Conference at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Every finalist gets a certificate and winners receive an engraved trophy.

Are you eligible? If you’re a city, town, state, federal, military agency or another eligible government agency, we encourage you to enter! Each agency can submit up to three entries total, with no more than one submission in any category. Start your submission by visiting our Golden Post Awards site for more details.

People who manage social media in government are in one of the most difficult fields for social media professionals. The Golden Post Awards is a free program dedicated to recognizing your hard work, which frequently involves high stakes, high expectations and limited resources in facilitating open communication with the public. Typically, the Golden Post Awards ceremony is held during the Government Social Media Conference, but we adapted the 2020 program amid the COVID-19 pandemic to continue the tradition to honor your hard work, even when we had to be a part. 

This year, we’re bringing back our in-person Golden Post Awards ceremony at the 2022 Government Social Media Conference! Happening March 29-31, GSMCON2022 is the largest social media conference in the United States for government agencies and will be held in-person in Dallas, Texas, with both in-person and virtual tickets available. Led by co-chairs Jessie Brown and Chelsea Sawyer, our 2022 Award Committee is hard at work planning a memorable ceremony celebrating the work of social media professionals during the conference.

We can’t wait to see your entry before the nomination period closes! There’s only a few days left to get your agency’s hard work counted. Get recognized for all that you do by submitting your entry before 11:59 p.m. PT Thursday, February 3, at no cost to you or your agency. 

How to submit your nomination

  1. Please review the rules and check your eligibility for 2022
  2. Find a category your agency excels in and start creating your entry. You can submit up to three entries overall!
  3. Submit by filling out the entry form


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