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Registration ends April 11! What to expect at hybrid GSMCON

Apr 05, 2024

The 2024 Government Social Media Conference – the premier event for government professionals – is happening April 16-18, 2024. Virtual tickets are available for a limited time! All attendees can expect 2.5 days filled with actionable sessions, genuine networking opportunities and much more. Get your virtual ticket today before registration closes after April 11, 2024.

Wondering what to expect at the virtual 2024 Government Social Media Conference?

Get ready for 2.5 days of learning, genuine networking and becoming part of the GSMCON camaraderie that lasts long after the event ends (hello to all in #VirtualLand!). Whether you’re in New York, Nebraska or abroad, all you need is an internet connection to tap into a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities only available at GSMCON2024. Let’s take an in-depth look at the immersive online experience we’re creating specifically for government professionals!

GSMCONthe premier social media conference for government — is happening April 16-18, 2024 from wherever you are. Registration officially closes after April 11, 2024 - you must get your ticket before the deadline to participate in the world’s largest social media conference for government. 

Zoom marathon? Not here!

Don’t expect your days to be filled with boring virtual meetings! What you can expect is an online event focused all about you and your learning experience – from wherever you’re tuning in from.

While many industry-related conferences & trainings returned to in-person-only events, it remains our goal to make GSMCON not only as accessible as possible to all, but also as engaging and beneficial to all attendees (not just to those attending in-person!). Behind the scenes, we’re working with our Local Host Committee, A/V teams, event coordinators and virtual emcees & hosts to make this event exciting for virtual attendees — your experience is never an afterthought!

From the comfort of your favorite work space, you’ll tune in, learn valuable info for your role and ask questions during live speaker Q&As. You’ll meet with special virtual hosts & emcees — John Chen and the Engaging Virtual Meetings team are back by popular request — to guide your entire GSMCON experience. Get ready for engaging conversation, exciting networking, and special virtual-only giveaways and major perks like being greeted by a real person at every session!

What your virtual ticket gets you

Besides a packed agenda filled with sessions that matter most to your role lead by 45+ industry leaders, all in-person attendees and virtual participants get access to our brand new GSMCON app! This is your one-stop-shop for everything related to GSMCON2024.

Our new platform ensures we can accommodate our growing virtual community and gets you access to:

  • Keep the schedule at your fingertips! You’ll know exactly what sessions are upcoming, and you can completely customize your GSMCON schedule by building your own agenda. Just add your top sessions to your agenda to easily see what session you’re joining next or to receive any session-specific alerts;

  • Get in-app notifications from Team GSM throughout the conference;
  • This is where you’ll watch sessions! You’ll just login and navigate to the session at the start time to connect and will be able to watch most keynote, general and breakout sessions in real-time, meaning you’ll be right there with speakers and other attendees as sessions are happening. 

  • Virtual participants will be greeted by your host, and your camera/mic will be off. Expect smooth transitions from virtual hosts to on-site session speakers and an enhanced production value for your virtual experience.
  • Get ready to network in the app! All attendees have access to schedule virtual meetups with others to socialize or discuss topics further, post discussion topics, answer icebreakers and so much more.

  • Customize your attendee profile to find folks with similar interests or backgrounds.
  • Win a prize! Get points in our leaderboard contest to win a very special VIP upgrade!

Your virtual ticket also comes with on-demand access to available sessions for 3 months! We’re running up to four concurrent sessions simultaneously – instead of virtually hopping from session to session, we encourage you to attend your most-wanted session live and then watch the other recordings later. 

This year, we’re also offering a variety of different lengths, tracks (including Public Safety, Crisis & Trust) and Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sessions to create the experience you most need to truly succeed as a government social media professional. Hear from over 45 speakers, like incoming Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia, Meta, LinkedIn, socialgov favorite Jon-Stephen Stansel, Humans of Public Service’s Brian Whittaker, Crisis Ready Institute’s Melissa Agnes, and so many more! Speakers represent local, city, state and federal agencies, private industry and more.

But, what does your virtual ticket really get you? If you’re feeling alone in your career, stagnant and in need of inspiration, or want to achieve mastery in social media, then GSMCON is made for you! What all attendees walk away – or log off – with is an experience not found anywhere else. You’ll get info on the latest trends, how to apply tried and tested techniques to your agency, meaningful conversations on the status and future of the field and real tools to put in your social media tool box.

And, that’s not all – you’ll become part of the GSMCON camaraderie that lasts long after our 2.5 days together! Meet your fellow #VirtualLand comrades and build your socialgov support system, something that’s crucial to not only survive but to truly thrive in this field.

Will I get to network virtually?

Absolutely! Your virtual participant experience is just as important to us as those attending in-person. You’re even invited to your very own special Welcome Reception on Monday, April 15! Get chatting with fellow attendees, meet some special guests and get ready for the upcoming event.

We hear time and time again from past virtual attendees how interactive, informative and fun the virtual experience is. Attending virtually is a great way to get involved, and get connected, with your fellow socialgov peers.

You’ll have special virtual hosts & emcees to guide your GSMCON2024 experience, have planned virtual-only networking breaks throughout the program, participate in this year’s Golden Post Awards and so much more, including access to the GSMCON app where you can schedule virtual meetups and discuss topics further.

Making GSMCON what you need to succeed

Whether you’re just getting started in this field (welcome!) or you’re a socialgov pro, there are sessions and experiences for everyone at GSMCON2024. And, you get to make the event exactly what you need!

You’ll find a variety of different session lengths, tracks and labeling for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sessions, and a wide-range of topics on everything from AI and legal to content strategy and brand management. Attend the sessions you most want to see live and watch recordings on-demand for 3 months.

Want to extend your GSMCON experience? Make sure to consider these virtual add-ons to extend your on-demand access or attend 3 special virtual sessions in May 2024!

Virtual add-ons  

Extended On-Demand Add-On, +$49

  • Extend your access to on-demand recordings to 6 months!
  • Gives you 3 additional months post-conference to rewatch your favorite moments & catch sessions you missed.
  • Perfect for busy socialgovs who want enough time to fit it all in!

Action Planning Add-On (Post-Event Virtual Panels), +$99

  • Get access to 3 special virtual sessions in May 2024 (live dates TBA - will also be recorded) to help you get even more out of GSMCON, including —
  • Live Q&A w/Top-Rated 2024 Speakers (1-hour session) - Meet with GSMCON2024's highly-rated speakers for an extended question and answer session! We're sitting down with these speakers for a guided conversation on even more social media advice & best practices. Speakers will be announced after the conference.
  • GSMCON Inspiration Panel (1-hour session) - Share how you took inspiration from GSMCON and turned it into social media success stories! We're hearing from GSMCON pros & attendees in this interactive meeting on what you were inspired to accomplish after the event. 
  • Unblocking Roadblocks Panel (1-hour session) - Overcome common limiting beliefs and real-world obstacles with this idea-packed session with GSMCON pros. Let's talk about what's keeping you from doing your best work and how to propel you & your social media program forward.

Get your Virtual Ticket! Registration ends after April 11

Registration closes after April 11, 2024 - there will be NO extensions! You must get your ticket before the deadline to participate in the world’s largest social media conference for government. 

Log off with the keys to solve socialgov challenges and achieve mastery in government social media! Get your GSMCON2024 Virtual Ticket now.

  • Special hosts & emcees to guide your virtual GSMCON2024 experience;
  • Watch most keynote, general and breakout sessions in real-time, meaning you’ll be right there with speakers and other attendees as sessions are happening!
  • Want to meet fellow socialgovs? Get ready for virtual networking! There are several planned virtual-only networking breaks throughout the program;
  • No travel! Access GSMCON from wherever you are, without the hassle of getting to Palm Springs;
  • Participate in the Golden Post Awards from where you are! Join in on the ceremony fun by being part of this special awards ceremony recognizing the work of socialgovs across the U.S.
  • Post event, you’ll get on-demand access to most session recordings for 3 months!

Get best practices, industry secrets and a chance to genuinely connect with fellow peers only at GSMCON — the premier social media event for government agencies! It’s the best training opportunity for public sector employees to learn how to leverage social media while keeping public trust and avoiding embarrassing social media fails. Register for your Virtual Ticket today!

We’ll see you online for virtual GSMCON2024! 

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