ACT NOW! Early-Bird pricing ends after Thursday, Nov. 30 for the Government Social Media Conference (#GSMCON2024)

Super early-bird discount ends soon! GSMCON2023 in Reno-Tahoe, NV

Aug 03, 2022

Are you planning to join social media network representatives, speakers and your fellow socialgov peers in person at the Government Social Media Conference happening in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada, May 2-4, 2023? Time is running out to get the best savings on your in-person ticket!

Super early-bird special pricing ends at 11:59 p.m. PT, this Friday, August 5, 2022, where you’ll save the most on your in-person GSMCON2023 tickets. Here’s what you’ll miss out on if you don’t attend:

  • Meeting with speakers, sponsors, social networks and your fellow peers at the most fun-filled resort in Reno, NV (axe throwing, bowling and much more all on-site!).
  • Taking our complimentary shuttles for a networking night at Lake Tahoe!
  • Sessions most relevant to government social media professionals.
  • Special Add-On upgrades only available to in-person attendees to tailor your GSMCON experience.
  • An extra $50 savings by purchasing before the super early-bird sale ends! 

Save the most on your in-person ticket by reserving your spot now or download our one-page event summary to help with your training/travel approvals.

What is GSMCON & who is it for?

GSMCON is the largest social media conference specifically for government agencies, and for our 8th annual event, in-person attendees and online participants can expect an incredible experience filled with in-depth learning and unique networking opportunities. 

Ever had a question about how to elevate your content? What other agencies are strategically excelling at and how you could apply their techniques? How to best communicate with the public you serve? All of these important conversations — and many, many more — happen yearly at GSMCON. You’ll learn during keynotes and breakout sessions, and in-person attendees get the benefit of talking to peers face-to-face, vendors in the expo area and on-site social network representatives. 

If social media is a portion of your position, your full-time job or you manage someone who handles social media, we encourage you to be part of the conference! GSMCON is for communicators, PIOs, elected officials, marketers, law enforcement, emergency managers — everyone from agency leadership to the occasional social media contributor.  

In-person vs. virtual experiences

There’s something truly special that happens at in-person GSMCON, but after our first hybrid event in 2022, we heard time and time again from virtual attendees how interactive, informative and fun the virtual experience was. No matter which experience you choose, you’ll become a part of the GSMCON camaraderie that lasts long after our few days together.

In-person experience

Axe throwing, anyone? On-site bowling? Solve an escape room? Over our 2.5 days together at the most fun-filled resort in Reno, the Grand Sierra Resort, you’ll meet each other at the Welcome Reception held at the Lex Nightclub, enjoy 3 continental breakfasts and 2 lunches, walk the expo area, attend sessions in spacious breakout rooms and so much more. Plus, you’ll get some of the nearby Lake Tahoe experience, too! We’ll have complimentary shuttles to take you to Lake Tahoe on Tuesday evening during our Restaurant Romp.

Only available to in-person attendees are three different upgrades you can purchase to take advantage of additional, hands-on sessions and special workshops! 

  • All Access Add-On: Purchase an All Access Add-On (+$100) to join three special sessions that are completely hands-on and immersive. While the sessions won’t be announced until after our Call for Speakers, some examples include What Would You Do scenarios, Live Reviews and PowerTalks. (Note: These sessions are not livestreamed or recorded and are exclusively available in-person). 
  • VIP Add-On: New for 2023 and only available to in-person attendees who want the most exclusive experience, you can upgrade to a VIP Add-On (+$400) to get access to all workshops, All Access sessions, bonus swag, a VIP-only charging station and a special in-town networking excursion (to be announced soon!). The VIP Add-On will be available soon, and you’ll be able to upgrade even if you already purchased a ticket. Note: if you purchased an All Access Add-On already, the VIP upgrade will only be $300.  
  • In-person attendees can also purchase add-on, pre-conference workshops ($100 each) happening on Monday, May 1— more details will be announced in the coming weeks on topics and speakers.

Virtual experience

If you can’t make in-person to GSMCON, you can still get involved through the virtual experience! 

Online participants will be able to watch most keynote, general and breakout sessions in real-time, meaning you’ll be right there with speakers and other attendees as sessions are happening, and can participate in live speaker Q&As. You’ll connect with other virtual attendees via our event platform and virtual networking activities will ensure you get to be a part of the fun, too!

Read more about our in-person and virtual experiences.

What GSMCON means to you & your community

As the largest social media conference specifically for government agencies, you’ll walk away — or log off — with the best answers on how, why and when to use social media successfully, all while protecting not only your agency, but also your community.

But, it’s not only the information you’ll gain — you’ll become part of the GSMCON camaraderie that lasts long after our few days together. Genuinely connect with your support system of peers at the Welcome Reception, during sessions, keynotes, at the expo area and even during after hours. Celebrate wins, discuss challenges together and get to know the people who know your position best — your socialgov community. 

Get an additional discount for in-person tickets by registering by Friday, August 5, 2022! Purchasing your in-person ticket now gets you the best price to attend. We’ll see you in-person or virtually for GSMCON2023!

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