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What does a virtual conference look like?

Sep 09, 2020

Being in-person, shaking each other’s hands and building connections is what conferences are all about, so can you even come close to replicating it online? The Social for Safety Conference has all the opportunities to make it truly feel like you’re in person, without having to leave your home or office. What does virtual S4SCON feel like? Let’s walk through your two virtual days:

Start your day off right
Grab your coffee & get ready to mingle with your fellow attendees before the event even starts! For two hours each morning before the program begins, you can get together with each other at our optional before & after networking and meetups. You can join video discussions, post questions on the Q&A board and browse profiles.

Want more? You can go to even more networking opportunities and meet ups again after the official program ends to keep connecting & building relationships with your peers. 

Let’s all get together!
If you’ve been to one of our conferences before, you know we love to start & end the official program together! Head over to Virtual Room 1 where we’ll kick off and end each day with an important keynote for you, hear from conference director Kristy Dalton and listen to remarks from some of our sponsors. 

All you need to do is tune in! In these livestreams, it’ll be like you’re watching your favorite socialgov show, filled with useful content created just for you. All these keynote speakers are getting ready to e-meet you to best help you during 2020; are you ready to meet them?

Customize each day
There are many breakout sessions you can choose from to tailor the program to exactly what you need to most succeed. Stay in Virtual Room 1 or walk on over to Virtual Room 2 to pick the breakout session that you most want to hear. Each day you’ll get to pick between several sessions

You’ll also want to get to the general session right after the mid-day break where we’ll connect all together again before going to more breakout sessions, networking opportunities and meet for the end-of-day keynote.

Sessions meet over Zoom, which you can choose to view in the Zoom app or via web browser. Interactive features mean it’ll feel like you’re right there with the polling and live Q&A with speakers. Throughout the session, chat in your biggest questions where speakers will be monitoring and answering during their live Q&A at the end of every session.  

For All Access only!
If you purchased the All Access Ticket (or want to!), you’re in for a special treat! You get access to three special sessions only for All Access where we’ll get you in contact with industry leaders & then participate in small group discussions with your peers. Get the best advice & share yours with other government social media professionals on topics that are more important to chat about than ever. You also get a special All Access badge on your profile.  

Take a break
What do you do during virtual conference breaks? We’ve built plenty of breaks into the program so you can check in with work, practice some socialgov self-care, get together with other attendees in a meetup, listen to some of our sponsors or virtually walk through the expo area — it’s completely up to you.

In the expo area, you’ll get to chat with plenty of sponsors you might be interested in! Here you’ll find representatives from ArchiveSocial, Apex Mobile, CivicReady, Nextdoor, Communications Counsel and more. Click on their tiles to connect!

This conference is not meant to be an added task to your plate — it’s a place for you to genuinely connect & get the learning experiences you most need. How you spend your time is completely up to you; just whatever makes it the most useful! Meeting virtually might not be the same, but virtual S4SCON during 2020 is your best chance to truly connect with your support system of government peers & get the training when you might need it the most. 

Best communicate with the public you serve by becoming a part of the free Government Social Media network — only available to full/part-time employees of government or educational institutions. Get access to socialgov-specific resources, like the COVID-19 SocialGov Hub group, and other organized content. Virtually collaborate with each other, share advice, get input, tips & more by joining the Government Social Media network today. 

We support the largest network of government social media professionals in the U.S. by guiding government agencies through complex social media issues. Government Social Media helps you successfully communicate with the public you serve, protect your agency and keep public trust while finding your support community. 

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