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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Social Media Accessible

Jul 07, 2021

As a social media professional in government, you’re faced with many challenges — one of them being, digital accessibility. On a day-to-day basis you welcome, interact and communicate important messages to the people you serve, however, people with disabilities or those who have difficulty using social media don’t have the same experience as others using these platforms....

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3 Top Tips from our Smart SocialGov Planning Webinar

Jun 29, 2021

Government Social Media recently teamed up with ArchiveSocial to host a free, publicly available webinar, “Feel Good Stepping Away: Smart SocialGov Planning” after we heard about so many government social media professionals who felt like they couldn’t — or don’t have feasible ways — to take that well-deserved time off. 

Whether it’s an extended...

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