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Get involved with your socialgov community! Here’s how

Oct 22, 2021

Getting involved and connecting with your fellow government social media community can be an extremely useful (and fun!) way to solve challenges and celebrate wins together. Here are a few ways you can get helpful advice while meeting your socialgov support system:

Free Facebook Pages experience webinar

Join Team GSM’s Kristy Dalton and Ariana Donley, and hundreds of your peers already signed up, for a free 1-hour webinar, “Best Tips for Gov’t on Using New Facebook Pages + Q&A” starting at 10 a.m. PT, Wednesday, October 27, 2021. Here’s how to register now.

If you don’t feel very confident using the new Facebook Pages experience for managing your government agency’s pages, or if you haven’t switched over to the new experience yet and want to see what’s coming, Kristy and Ariana will walk you through what’s most important for the socialgov community while also answering your questions live. 

GSMCON2022 Call for Speakers & early-bird registration

The Call for Speakers for the 2022 Government Social Media Conference is officially open! Submit your proposal by 11:59 p.m. CT Friday, October 29, 2021, to share your expertise at GSMCON2022 happening in Dallas, Texas, March 28-31, 2022. Here’s why you should submit your proposal to be a part (including complimentary admission!).

Following an extremely difficult couple of years, we’re excited to get together with the socialgov community again to genuinely connect and get you the training you’re asking for to elevate your role, confidently communicate and become the best government social media professional. We’re meeting both in-person and online for GSMCON2022 to make our conference even more accessible to the government community. Download our one-page event summary for your training/travel approvals and register now before early-bird registration ends

Professional association committees

Recruitment for GSM professional association committees is open through Friday, November 5, 2021! Committee membership is a way to directly impact the community, elevate your profession and get to know other dedicated government and education communicators.

We’re honored to have so many talented govies in the professional association, and have heard  members want to get more involved in the professional community they know and love – and now there’s a way to do it with three new committees. Get more details on the Awards, Membership and Training committees & apply.

GSM network & Community Facebook group

Being a government social media professional is a crucial, complex role — who better to talk about it with than your fellow peers?

Best communicate with the public you serve & get connected with your support network of peers by becoming a part of the free Government Social Media network — only available to full/part-time employees of government or educational institutions. You’ll get access to social network contacts, our bi-weekly Government Social Media Chat and more. Here’s how to join.

Looking for another way to connect? Join the Government Social Media Community Facebook group to chat with thousands of your peers. 

Best communicate with the public you serve by becoming a part of the free Government Social Media network — only available to full/part-time employees of government or educational institutions. 

We support the largest network of government social media professionals in the U.S. by guiding government agencies through complex social media issues. Government Social Media helps you successfully communicate with the public you serve, protect your agency and keep public trust while finding your support community. 


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