FAQs: Sold out of GSMCON2024 in-person tickets! Virtual tickets still available

Feb 02, 2024

This blog has been updated on Feb. 2, 2024 to include additional questions.

2024 Government Social Media Conference – the premier event for government professionals – is happening April 16-18, 2024 in Palm Springs, California. While in-person tickets are officially sold out, virtual tickets are still available! All attendees can expect 2.5 days filled with actionable sessions, genuine networking opportunities and much more.

In-person tickets for the 2024 Government Social Media Conference are officially SOLD OUT!

The enthusiasm for GSMCON2024 has surpassed all expectations, leading to an unprecedented early sell-out. By the end of August, registrations had already outpaced what we normally see by November, highlighting the extraordinary demand this year. This milestone is a clear indicator of the socialgov community's unmatched enthusiasm and support. We are immensely thankful and excited to welcome each of you, in person or online, to what promises to be an unforgettable gathering.

If you weren’t able to get an in-person ticket, virtual tickets are still available under regular pricing until February 29, 2024 for GSMCON2024! Get your virtual ticket before last-minute pricing  - here’s how to register today for your virtual ticket.

Have more questions about in-person GSMCON tickets being sold out? Please see below for helpful information and FAQs:

Why did in-person tickets sell out?

On January 25, 2024, we announced that fewer than 300 in-person tickets remained, following our initial heads-up in October about the high demand expected for GSMCON2024. Thanks to the incredibly enthusiastic response from our community, in-person tickets have now reached full capacity. However, we're excited to invite you to participate virtually! Virtual tickets are still available, offering a fantastic opportunity to connect with your government social media peers at GSMCON2024. Join your fellow government social media peers online for GSMCON2024

The overwhelming interest in this year's event and reaching our full in-person capacity can be credited to several key factors. Foremost is the incredible support from the government social media community, which has been instrumental in this achievement. Hosting the event at the Westin property involves a finite amount of space to ensure a high-quality experience for attendees, speakers, sponsors, A/V teams, and staff. Ensuring the best possible conference experience remains our top priority at Team GSM. This includes providing comfortable seating, optimized internet, facilitating smooth movement between conference areas, and offering timely meals, all of which play a critical role in determining our final attendee count. We're dedicated to creating an enriching and enjoyable GSMCON2024 for everyone, whether you're joining us in person or online.

Why wasn’t a bigger venue booked for GSMCON2024?
Choosing the perfect venue for GSMCON involves a careful balance of several key factors, including the venue's capacity, the overall experience it offers, affordability for our attendees, its location, and the quality of catering services. After evaluating these aspects alongside our historical data on attendee numbers and growth trends, the Westin emerged as the ideal choice, and GSMCON is taking over the entire property. Palm Springs was also a top location recommended by our past participants!

This year, however, we experienced an unprecedented demand for in-person tickets, with government professionals securing their spots at a rate we've never seen before. This led to a much quicker sell-out than ever. While this surge exceeded our expectations, it underscores the vibrant enthusiasm within our community for GSMCON2024.

I finally got approval to attend, and I was going to register today - what can I do?
We recognize that many in the government social media community go through an often lengthy process involved in obtaining approval to attend events like GSMCON. Your efforts to join us in-person, navigating through your agency’s procedures, are greatly appreciated.

We understand that discovering that in-person tickets are no longer available might be disappointing, especially after such anticipation. As an alternative, we invite you to register for a Virtual Ticket! Although it differs from the in-person experience you may have envisioned, the virtual aspect of GSMCON is something we’re especially proud of. Our priority has been to craft a hybrid experience that doesn’t compromise on engagement, learning or the sense of community, and we stand by that wholeheartedly. Read more about the benefits of attending virtually below.

Some of our team registered, but one didn't - what are our options now?

We understand how important it is for teams to experience GSMCON together, and we're here to help navigate this situation as best as we can. If part of your team has successfully registered but one member missed out on securing an in-person ticket, we recommend exploring the option of a Virtual Ticket for the member who couldn't register. The virtual experience is designed to be immersive and engaging, ensuring that all participants, regardless of how they're attending, can benefit from the valuable insights and networking opportunities GSMCON provides.

While the virtual option offers a different experience, it still promises access to keynotes, sessions, and the ability to interact with speakers and other attendees. This way, your entire team can participate in the event, albeit in a slightly different format for some members. Our new event app allows teams with both in-person and virtual participants to communicate and collaborate with each other throughout the conference!

We understand this situation may not be ideal, and we're here to support you in making the most out of it. If you have specific concerns or require further information tailored to your team's needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. 

If I cancel my ticket, can another person register in my place?
If you already purchased your ticket, but would like to transfer it to another person, please contact us, and we’d be happy to walk you through that process. Please visit our Terms & Conditions for details on refunds, transfers or conversions for your ticket.

I saw someone is selling their GSMCON in-person ticket - should I buy it?
Only official #GSMCON tickets can be purchased through Government Social Media LLC. Tickets purchased through third-party platforms are not official registrations for GSMCON2024. Please be aware of any scams. If you're looking to transfer your ticket to another person (which can only be done through Government Social Media LLC), please contact us.

If there are any cancellations, can you let me know?
We appreciate you wanting to be part of GSMCON in person! At this time, there is no waitlist available. In the unlikely event these circumstances change, we will be sure to let you know through our GSMCON newsletter. We highly encourage you to subscribe to not miss out on any announcements or updates.

Is there a possibility of in-person tickets being available later?
Great question! Because we are taking over the entire property at the Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort & Spa, there are no more in-person tickets available. In the unlikely event this number changes, we’ll be sure to let you know through our GSMCON newsletter; if you’re hoping to be part of the GSMCON experience, we encourage you to purchase your Virtual Ticket! Please see more details on what to expect at the virtual event below.

I already booked my plane ticket, but hadn't registered yet - what can I do?
Please contact your airline directly for options on whether they can offer a refund or credit voucher for future travel.

What happens if I already booked my hotel room but I didn’t reserve my in-person ticket?
Please contact the venue directly to modify or cancel your reservation as soon as possible to ensure you are not charged for your original stay. Visit our Venue Page for details on contacting the Westin or the Omni.

What happens if I did book my in-person ticket but not my hotel room?

Our hotels are nearing capacity! If reservations under the GSMCON room block at the Westin & Omni properties reach capacity, attendees can book rooms at other Palm Springs properties (but won’t receive special discounted GSMCON block room rates). 

The Westin is already at capacity with limited availability currently at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa. Complimentary GSMCON shuttles will run several times per day (Mon.-Thurs.) from the Omni to bring attendees to/from the Westin. Visit our Venue Page for more details.

I already purchased my in-person ticket and wanted to upgrade. Can I still do that?
VIP upgrades are in limited supply, and the Extended On-Demand Add-On and Action Planning Add-On are still available! If you already purchased your in-person ticket and are looking to upgrade, please reach out to us and we’ll send you a special link. Before adding-on Monday workshops or the VIP upgrade (which includes access to Monday’s workshops), please ensure you already have a hotel room booked for Sunday night, if needed.

Pre-Conference Workshops Add-On, +$100/each
Only for in-person attendees.
Participate in 2-hour deep dives on Monday, April 15, 2024. We highly encourage attendees to ensure they can secure hotel room nights prior to adding workshops on! Topics for GSMCON2024 workshops include:

  • Government Social Media 101
  • Mastering Instagram Reels for Government Agencies
  • Legal 301: Advanced Issues on Copyright, Fair Use & AI on Social Media

Extended On-Demand Add-On, +$49
Available to in-person attendees and online participants.

  • Extend your access to on-demand recordings to 6 months!
  • Gives you 3 additional months post-conference to rewatch your favorite moments & catch sessions you missed.
  • Perfect for busy socialgovs who want enough time to fit it all in!

Action Planning Add-On (Post-Event Virtual Panels), +$99
Available to in-person attendees and online participants.

  • Get access to 3 special virtual sessions in May 2024 (live dates TBA - will also be recorded) to help you get even more out of GSMCON, including —
  • Live Q&A w/Top-Rated 2024 Speakers (1-hour session) - Meet with GSMCON2024's highly-rated speakers for an extended question and answer session! We're sitting down with these speakers for a guided conversation on even more social media advice & best practices. Speakers will be announced after the conference.
  • GSMCON Inspiration Panel (1-hour session) - Share how you took inspiration from GSMCON and turned it into social media success stories! We're hearing from GSMCON pros & attendees in this interactive meeting on what you were inspired to accomplish after the event. 
  • Unblocking Roadblocks Panel (1-hour session) - Overcome common limiting beliefs and real-world obstacles with this idea-packed session with GSMCON pros. Let's talk about what's keeping you from doing your best work and how to propel you & your social media program forward.

VIP Add-On, +$539
Only for in-person ticket holders.
This package includes everything at GSMCON2024! We heard an overwhelmingly positive response from 2023 VIP attendees, the first year we offered this experience. For 2024, VIPs get:

  • Access to all 3 pre-con workshops April 15 (Government Social Media 101, Mastering Instagram Reels for Government Agencies, Legal 301: Advanced Issues on Copyright, Fair Use & AI on Social Media)
  • VIP-only pre-welcome reception cocktail hour (includes 1 drink ticket) on April 15
  • VIP dinner & evening networking activity on April 17
  • Includes Action Planning Add-On (access to 3 special virtual sessions in May 2024 including a live Q&A with top-rated speakers, GSMCON Inspiration Panel and the Unblocking Roadblocks Panel)
  • Includes Extended On-Demand Add-On (extend your access to on-demand recordings to 6 months!)
  • GSMCON T-Shirt
  • VIP charging station access
  • Badge upgrade

What is the virtual experience like for GSMCON2024?

We hear time and time again from virtual attendees how interactive, informative and fun the virtual experience is. This is a great way to get involved, and get connected, with your fellow socialgov peers.

Online participants will be able to watch most keynote, general and breakout sessions in real-time, meaning you’ll be right there with speakers and other attendees as sessions are happening. Connect with other socialgovs right in our new conference mobile app by participating in online networking sessions and a special virtual-only Welcome Reception on April 15! Post event, you’ll get on-demand access to most session recordings for 3 months. Here are a few more perks online participants can expect:

  • Special hosts & emcees to guide your virtual GSMCON2024 experience;
  • Want to meet fellow socialgovs? Get ready for virtual networking! There are several planned virtual-only networking breaks throughout the program;
  • No travel! Access GSMCON from wherever you are, without the hassle of getting to Palm Springs
  • Participate in the Golden Post Awards from where you are! Grab a snack and join in on the ceremony fun by being part of this special awards ceremony recognizing the work of socialgovs across the U.S.

We can’t say enough about attending GSMCON virtually! Many industry-related conferences & trainings returned to in-person-only events, and our goal is to continue hybrid events to make GSMCON as accessible as possible to all who want to join. We invite you to join in on the GSMCON fun from wherever you are. Register for your Virtual Ticket today!

When will Regular Registration end for Virtual Tickets?
Regular Registration will officially end after 11:59pm PT February 29, 2024. Don’t wait! Save the most today on your virtual registration by getting your virtual ticket today. Starting March 1, the Last-Minute Registration rate for virtual tickets increases to $519.

What is GSMCON2024?
If you’re new to the government social media community, welcome! You’re in the right place! 

Since 2015, GSMCON has brought people together to learn best practices, industry secrets and to genuinely connect with fellow peers. Everyone who works at government agencies, educational institutions, private industry and anyone else interested in this niche field is welcome to join.

GSMCON — the premier social media event for government agencies — is the best training opportunity for public sector employees to learn how to leverage social media while keeping public trust and avoiding embarrassing social media fails

Here’s a snapshot of what in-person attendees and virtual participants can expect for this year’s exciting event:

  • Hear from over 35 speakers already announced for the event! Speakers represent local, city, state and federal agencies, private industry and more. Keynote speakers — like socialgov favorite Jon-Stephen Stansel — will also take the general session stage. Stay tuned for more exciting speaker updates coming soon!
  • Four concurrent breakout sessions happen simultaneously, and we’re offering a variety of different lengths, tracks (including Public Safety, Crisis & Trust) and Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sessions. View session descriptions.
  • Attend the Golden Post Awards! Celebrate the important work government social media professionals accomplish during the awards ceremony happening over lunch on Wednesday, April 17 — walk away with pro tips, visuals of winning entries and more. Want to enter your agency’s work? Nominations are open through February 5, 2024
  • Keep the schedule at your fingertips with our new GSMCON app! In-person ticket holders can use the app to arrange meetups, group dining and other social activities while online participants can schedule virtual meetups with others to socialize or discuss topics further.
  • Look forward to small table activities and easier ways to identify peers who work at similar agencies, created with both our in-person and virtual attendees in mind. 

We can’t wait to meet with hundreds of government professionals like yourself online for GSMCON2024! Get your virtual ticket today during Regular Registration to save the most on your virtual ticket! Registration prices increase after February 29, 2024.

We’ll see you online or in-person at GSMCON2024!

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Best communicate with the public you serve and get connected with fellow socialgovs by registering for the 2024 Government Social Media Conference happening in Palm Springs, California or virtually from wherever you are! Join our free network for bi-weekly Government Social Media Chats or professional association for member-only webinars. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on training, events and more.


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